What to do in the Garden in June

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What to do in the Garden in June

What to Do in the Garden in June  

Written by Living Earth for Auckland Landscape Supplies Customers

Getting Ready For Winter

The frosts have started in most places already, so this will lower soil temperatures and send many plants into dormancy. Try these tips for preparing the garden for the toughest couple of months of the year -    

    • Soil mulching - A layer of Living Earth’s More than Mulch around plants will suppress invasive weeds and keep their roots well covered during winter      

    • Areas of the garden that are not being used over winter can be dug over with Living Earth Compost, then mulched as above.        

    • Copper spray dormant fruit trees, roses and any citrus trees that are not bearing fruit. Copper is an excellent ‘clean-up’ fungicide for plants that susceptible to fungal leaf spots, or, in the case of citrus, verrucosis.      

    • Cover the worm farm with a thick layer of old carpet or similar – worms are very sensitive to cold weather.        

    • Frosted leaves on plants should not be removed until winter has passed. The reason is that you are only exposing the plant to more burning on fresh younger foliage and it could ultimately kill off the plant. Better to buy a piece of frost cloth from the Garden Centre.    

    • Get the tools sharpened – particularly those you’ll need when it’s time to prune: loppers, secateurs and pruning saws.  

    • Vegetables: It’s still not too late for a crop of broad beans, or build a tee-pee and sow sugar snap or snow peas. Living Earth’s Veggie Mix is good for growing these vegetables in.    

    • Planning’s good....Get hold of books, Google interesting garden designers and dream up your next garden project. If you’re going the veggie way this year, scout round for a disused window frame with glass intact and build a cold frame to get seeds underway in spring.  




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