What to do in the Garden in November

Written by Heather Tait and edited by Bridget Bryant

The Lawn

  • Combination Lawn Weedkiller/Fertilizer products work really well on lawns right now, but follow the watering instructions strictly.
  • At the very least, make sure you fertilize the lawn – this encourages strong growth and sets the grass up to cope with summer drought.
  • Onehunga Weed (prickle-weed) needs spraying out now before it flowers and sets seed.

The Veggie Garden

  • Sow corn, melons, beans and swede ( if you’re a Southlander) this month.
  • Continue to ‘mound up’ spuds as it’s the soil around the stems that encourages heavy crops of potatoes.
  • Stake Tomatoes at planting, over very soon thereafter with a support at least 1.8m high. It may not look like it, but those plants will head skywards very quickly.
  • Blue flowers on lavenders, rosemarys and and catmint are great around vegetable gardens to get the bees visiting.
  • Plant capsicum, chillies and zucchinis, but put a plastic cloche over them at night if your overnight temperatures are still down around 10 degrees.

The Rest of the Garden

  • Mulching: Now’s good. After the rain clear off any weeds and spread our Black Mulch around your plants. You’ll love the new look and feel as though the whole garden has had a ‘makeover’!
  • Sun-lovers can be planted now: plant daisies, lavenders, phlox and hebes now while the ground is still moist and they’ll do their stuff over the long hot summer we’re all hoping for.
  • Deadhead camellias, rhododendrons and the spent blooms of the first roses, cleaning up beneath the bushes as well.
  • It’s the perfect time to trim topiary and hedges – any later in summer and the exposed foliage will burn.
  • Pretty Pots: Plant annuals such as petunias, impatiens and zinnias in pots – reds look wonderfully festive heading into Christmas. Water on Living Earth Liquid Compost after planting and every fortnight for best results.


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