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Auckland Landscape Supplies June 2010 Newsletter

Hi team,

Eight years ago Mike had a dream, he wanted to create a landscape supply yard that not only stocked a large range of products that appeal to a wide range of people, he also wanted to create a safe place for people to become inspired by landscaping and educated about how to do it (if they so chose).

The past five years got a little hectic with the arrival of our three children, the twins Kees and Mia and then later our little Riaan all in the space of three years and then we were tails down and bottoms up managing the three youngsters while also trying to fulfil our dream with Auckland Landscape Supplies.

This year Kee's and Mia started school, a big step for both us and them but one that has opened up a lot of opportunities for us. With this new "free time" that we now (apparently) have, we have decided to write a monthly newsletter which details a few key points of interest. This will include any in store specials that we are offering, gardening tips for the month and articles of interest. We sincerely hope that you will opt to keep receiving our newsletters and that you will find them of huge value.

Kind regards and happy gardening everyone

Bridget and Mike Bryant


The Newsletter/Website Launch Offer

This is the best offer we have given away EVER! It is valid for ALL of our BULK and BAGGED products and is only available to those people who receive our newsletter and visit our website.


Bridget's Vege Patch

I know that most of you will think that just because we own a Landscape Supply Yard that we are Landscapers. This is not true. Mike is a builder by trade and I was a primary school teacher. Last year Mike built me a really cool vege patch using timber retaining walls. I have to admit that so far I have had a lot of enjoyment but mixed success. Please join me in my home grown veges journey where I will blog my efforts over the next year. I am going to draw from my limited knowledge, a few books and gardening guru Heather Tait from Living Earth (you may have seen Heather on the Good Morning Show, where she has a regular gardening piece) I also want this to be an interactive blog where you can write me about some of your own sucesses or questions...

so it started in May with a very random looking patch...More »


Gardening Tips For June Getting Ready For Winter

The frosts have started in most places already, so this will lower soil temperatures and send many plants into dormancy. Try these tips for preparing the garden for the toughest couple of months of the year -

More »


Article Of The Month - How To Install And Care For A Healthy Lawn

Now is the time to get that lawn laid or seed sowed before the weather really packs up. We have full instructions about how to prepare and sow a lawn from seed, or install roll out turf (Rolawn). We also give you easy to follow instructions about how to look after your new lawn. More »

Thanks from Bridget and Mike Bryant and the team at Auckland Landscape Supplies Limited


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Auckland Landscape Supplies July 2010 Specials and Tips

Hi team,

Wet, Wet, Wet! That's all I have to say about June really and apart from the mud underground this is not necessarily a bad thing. We desperately needed this water through the country and it does keep the frost away. Also my two five year olds are happy because rainy days mean extra clicks on the walking school bus which equals more certificates and badges! The down side is that the winter illnesses have arrived. I don't know about you, but we five have all been terribly sick for most of June, I am optimistically hoping that this is our lot for the winter season.

The cold definitely has not stopped you lot. We have had a record number of people take us up on our free quarter meter special which we ran in June. We are happy as this means that;

  1. You actually read the club newsletter and
  2. You visited our cool new website.

Mike and I hope that you find this month just as informative and useful.

Kind regards and happy gardening everyone


Bridget and Mike Bryant

July Special Offer

This month it is really important to do two jobs.

  1. Get rid of moss, mould and lichen from paths, decks, roofs and lawns, and
  2. Feed your gardens with a compost based product.

So for July we are offering a great deal on two products that will make these jobs a whole lot easier! We will even deliver it for FREE! Click on the more icon to find out about this offer and how to order it.

Bridget's Vege Patch

Great, so you do want to know about my vege patch... Lots of you have been clicking on my page and emailing me questions and feedback. This month;

  1. find out what I have been doing with all my coffee grounds
  2. find out how you can win Auckland Landscape Supplies money just by reading my wee blog and
  3. find out how I am going to get my two 5 year olds and my 3 year old into the garden this school holidays without losing any of my precious seedlings!
  4. to read my antics click here More »

Gardening Tips For July - Batten down the hatches!

We haven't had too many real frosts yet so some of the jobs that we traditionally do in winter can wait about two more weeks, especially those jobs for the shortest day.

Read more to get details about your July gardening jobs. More »


Auckland Landscape Supplies August 2010 Gardening Tips and Specials

Hi team,

We are all actions go in the office and yards at Auckland Landscape Supplies. Each year we take a major role in the Auckland Home Show. We create the now well known "Auckland Landscape Supplies Walk of Gardens" This is a place where landscapers and designers can showcase their ideas and talent. It is also a place where you can go and get great ideas, talk to professionals and find a landscaper who can arrange a host of services, from drawing a plan for you to implement yourself, doing the work for you or even just maintenence. Please be sure to look at our website to see what we did at the "Auckland Landscape Supplies Walk of Gardens in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Also this month if you forward this email using the "forward this email" button at the bottom of this page you will automatically go in the draw to win one of 5 double passes to the Auckland Home Show, don't forget to click the button to add your friend to our mailing list You will get one valid entry each time you forward our Gardening Tips and Specials to a different recipient and we are sure your friends will also love receiving our updates!

Kind regards and happy gardening everyone


Bridget and Mike Bryant

Get Living Earth Black Gold At The TRADE!

Black Gold is a Compost based product which incorporates all of the different types of growing mixes made by Living Earth. It is versitile and can be used for most types of gardens and lawns. This product is widely preferred by landscapers as a general purpose growing mix...

FIRE SALE ON FIREWOOD- at least 25% off

This year has been so mild that we have been left with too much pine block. This block is untreated, cut to perfect size and quick burning. Most of it has been stored under cover since last summer so it is DRY. We must get this sold as we are under contract to take more stock! This is a price we have never offered before and hopefully will never need to offer again.

* For more information and pricing visit

Bridget's Vege Patch

Gardening Tips For August

Warmer weather means spring is around the corner, so if you want to be ready for all the spring jobs then this article is a must read. This month we cover:

  • The General Garden Bed, and the Veggie Bed
  • Planting Trees and Shrubs
  • Pruning Roses and Hydrangeas
  • Lawn Care
  • Greenwaste... More >>

Article Of The Month - Questions and Answers about our Living Earth Products

We stock many growing mixes. We are often asked which one would best suit your needs. Have a look at this months article to find out about the different growing mixes and what makes them unique. Remember if you would like more information please talk to any of our guys at either our Henderson or our St Johns yard...More >>

Thanks from Bridget and Mike Bryant and the team at Auckland Landscape Supplies Limited

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