Build a Free-Standing Ponga Fence in 5 Easy Steps

With the right care and conditions, a ponga fence can become a 'living' fence, wprouting fronds or growing plants from seeds lodged in the truck.  Whether you would like your ponga fence to become a 'living' fence, or prefer the non-sprouting variety, here are 5 easy steps to building your free-standing* ponga log fence.  Enjoy!


  • Ponga Logs 2.4 m long (allow approx 6-7 logs per metre of fence)
  • Spade
  • Tape Measure and Saw (if you wish to trim the height of the fence)

5 Steps

  1. Dig a strip up to 40cm deep and around 20cm (a spade width) wide. Where an extra strong foundation is required, eg: in pumice soils, dig the strip 50 cm deep.
  2. Set the ponga logs into the ground in a single row, leaving no gap between the logs. Ensure the logs are the right way up ie: with their base in the ground.
  3. Fill the soil in around the logs, compact the soil well.
  4. If you wish, trim the tops to the desired height.
  5. A good watering regime is required, but you do not need to fertilise the fence. Water the fence thoroughly every few days for at least 6 weeks to establish roots. Water the bottom of the fence, not the top.

For a living fence:

  • If the fence is in a shady environment it will become self-sufficient.
  • If the fence is in a sunny or windy environment, take special care for the first 6 months. Once the fence is established (usually afer it has been through its first winter) ongoing irrigation is requred during dry periods (deep watering twice a week is important during dry periods)

*Please note, if the ponga fence is on a road frontage or boundary fence, in a high traffic area, or in a very exposed, windy area, it will require structural support (not be free-standing).


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