Natural Paving Mats

Natural Paving

Natural Paving is a plastic honey comb 40mm cell mat that stabilizes those pebbles, creating a stable, flat and firm pavement surface. Natural Paving makes pebble paving practical and desirable, as it is obscured under the pebbles, locking the surface stones in place. Available at Mt Roskill and St Johns.

Grass Grade

Grass grade is used to strengthen grass where you want to keep lawn looking good in areas where it is walked, parked, or even driven on. The grass does not get rutted or muddy, and it’s nice to walk on too.

The cells protect the root system promoting healthy growth and, being plastic, the mats do not absorb moisture from the surrounding soil, drying out and killing the grass; or radiate heat, as older style concrete grass paving does.

Garden Grade

Keep your pebble, bark and shell gardens looking as stylish and tidy as the day they were installed with this versatile landscaping solution. It uses honeycomb cells to hold pebbles, bark or shell in place & stops your fill shifting, causing unsightly “bald” spots. The days of dodging stones with your lawnmower are over. The geotextile welded to the base of our Natural Paving Garden Grade is permeable to allow rainwater to filter through, as the mat is hidden.

Natural Paving Garden Grade mats are economical and easy to install. The mat size is manageable for gardeners of all ages and experience levels. Simply lay them on your prepared base. They naturally conform to uneven contours and can be combined with any edging of your choice. They sit side by side without the need for fiddly clips or fittings and, once your fill of pebbles, bark, gravel or shell has been laid on top, the welded Geotextile (weedmat) base will keep the mats in place for virtually maintenance-free aesthetic appeal. Mats are easily trimmed with scissors.

Path Grade

Path grade is ideal for patios, paths and gardens around your home and in parks and cycleways in your cities. It enables you to create enduring landscaping features with pebbles. One very significant feature unique to Natural Paving is that the geotextile keeps the mats locked down under the pebbles, ensuring that the mats are never seen. The geotextile also protects special permeable bases from contamination.

At home, your mower or barbeque will glide across the paving as though it was on a hard surface. Path grade also gives vegie garden paths a completely natural look and feel. In public areas, it can be used to stabilise pebbles for pathways in parks, gardens and golf courses. Path grade is also suitable for paving paths for cycles or light vehicles, such as mobility scooters and golf carts etc. Cycle-ways made from Path grade are stable, permeable and easy to ride on. It is also good for hard-stand areas for trailers and caravans (if a vehicular base-course is used). It’s ideal for greenhouse floors enabling excess water to drain away, and providing a thermal mass to help regulate heat.

Vehicle Grade

Vehicle grade is ideal for creating natural and inviting driveways, car parks and turning areas where traffic is generally cars, SUVs and the occasional heavy vehicle. It stays looking flat, uniform and professional. Pebbles do not migrate in areas subject to repeat wheel tracking or turning. Vehicle grade Natural Paving can be used to stabilise pebbles in public car parking areas. A Vehicle grade pavement is stable and permeable. Pebbles stay flat and firm like a hard paved surface making it ideal for driving or walking on, even in silettos, or with walking sticks. Cycle wheels won’t sink in the pebbles. It is also good for hard-stand areas for trailers and caravans.Pebbles need to be clean, and ideally, graded from 8 to 14mm. For more ideas on pebbles refer to the ‘Materials andIt is safe to use on slopes of up to 1 in 6 (9.5° slope) with rounded aggregate, and 1 in 5 (or 11 degrees) if using a crushed aggregate.


Vehicle Size 2.45m2
Garden Size 0.64 m2
Grass Grade 1.15m2
Walking Grade 0.96


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