Bridget's Veggie Patch July 2013

Bridget's Veggie Patch - July 2013 Wow what a cold snap we have been having, I know we should not complain here in Auckland but 5 degrees is a bit harsh where we come from. With all this cold, wet, hail and wind there is not really a lot of gardening going on. But lets face it, I always have a project. This months new project is to tart up the area around my chicken coop and the children's... > Read more

Bridget's Veggie Patch June 2013

It has been a while since I shared my garden with you so a quick update.  You will remember our gorgeous chickens, Zebby, Chook, Red, Pinkie and Rocky.  Unfortunately our little mates became dinner for a couple of local dogs (not the nice variety either)   So following this we... > Read more

Vegetable Garden Tips - Bridget's Edible Garden Diary

Vegetable Garden Tips - Bridget's Edible Garden Diary for June Vegetable Garden Tips. Bridget's Edible Garden Diary. What to plant, caring for your vegetables and edibles, what to do with your harvest, preserve or eat. Heather (Living Earth) and I at the beginning of my... > Read more

Bridget's Veggie Patch - May

Growth has begun to slow down already, even though we have not officially had a frost in Auckland. My peas, sugar snaps, broccoli and beetroot are growing well though, and my radishes are ready for harvest. This month Mike (my gorgeous husband) was going to extend the vegetable garden for me,... > Read more

Bridget's Veggie Patch - April

Autumn is actually my favourite time of the year to garden. There is something about autumn mornings. That still, blue sky matched with a crisp slightly damp air. Often warming up to a beautiful sunny day. I like that there is not the wind of spring, the heat of summer or the rain and cold of... > Read more

Bridget's Veggie Patch - March

Bridget's Veggie Patch - March I started out with bumper crops of just about everything. But in January we went away with our family and I just ended up staying in the Coromandel until school started again in February. I did not heed my own advice and did... > Read more

Bridget's Vege Patch - January

This year I have all my relatives coming over to our house for Christmas, so much of my attention has been on finishing the other parts of the garden. Although I have been keeping an eye on my veggies because my Grandparents were farmers and Nana always had a prolific vegetable garden and my... > Read more

Bridget's Vege Patch - December

I was able to harvest all of my Broad Beans over the last two weeks. I have to admit to being at a bit of a loss as to what to do with Broad Beans, I blanched them and added them to salads mainly but I harvested so many that some did perish before we were able to eat them. Many other vegetables... > Read more

Bridget's Vege Patch - November

I have been lucky enough to speak with lots of you this month, both through email and while I have been working at the yard. As is the usual pattern for November, many of you (including myself) are busy in the garden both generally and vegetables. I have been busy cracking with whip (we have a... > Read more

Bridget's Vege Patch - October

I have to congratulate myself on such a beautiful vegetable garden. This year most everything (except my celery) is growing abundantly and I think that has much to do with this blog in so much that it forces me to do just a little bit of work in the garden each month. The key jobs that seem to... > Read more

Bridget's Vege Patch - September

I seem to be having a lot more success with my variety than in past years. Broccoli has always grown well for me, but this year they seem bigger. I have also managed to grow great cabbages which... > Read more

Bridget's Vege Patch - August

We had some great fun in the holidays planting our strawberries. The children ended up covered in mud, as did the deck. Mia and Kees really understood the whole process this time, they were very... > Read more

Bridget's Vege Patch - July

No sooner had I planted all of my gorgeous new seedlings, did the rain begin to fall. Each day I have peered tentatively out the window at my plot and I have to say that the rain has not damaged... > Read more

Bridget's Vege Patch - June

It started in May with a very random looking patch. Now I must point out that I have the tendency to get all excited and go out shopping for seedlings, only to fill up my area (making it look... > Read more


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