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It started in May with a very random looking patch. Now I must point out that I have the tendency to get all excited and go out shopping for seedlings, only to fill up my area (making it look gorgeous of course) to find that in 100 days or so I have way too much of everything (thats if it managed to survive because I am snot so good at the maintenance side of gardening) This time I diligently planted six brocoli in the beginning of May which are now starting to look quite good.

Yesterday which was Monday the 17th of May I went on to buy the rest of my winter vege seedlings. I had in my mind a rough idea of what I wanted, I decided I was not going to buy anything that we don't eat and that I was not going to just buy things because they look interesting. I stuck to my plan, kind of... I have walked away with more brocoli (because we do eat a lot of it) cabbage, a tamarillo tree, broad beans, snow peas, celery and beetroot (I have never actually cooked with beetroot, but as I previously stated, I am a bit impulsive and it looked interesting) I already have carrotts which I planted from seeds, passionfruit, citrus (lemonade, mayer lemon, tahitian lime and mandarin) rubarb, and a variety of herbs, mint, basil, rosemary, parsley.

Today Tuesday 18 May Heather Tait from Living Earth popped around. Heather has promised to give me a wee bit of guidance and also to be our expert, so if anyone has questions then they can email me and I will ask Heather on your behalf. Heather is great, she is so down to earth and easy going. We chatted about where each of my varieties should go and have decided that the brocoli, cabbage and cauli should be in the sunniest position. (Of course most plants, even winter ones love sun, but unfortunately my vege patch is north west facing so it does miss out a little bit in the winter). I am going to plant my broad beans and beets in the next sunniest position and finally the tamirillo tree with the left over brocoli at the bottom. I have decided to plant my snow peas in a wine barrel so that I can place them in a sunny spot which is not actually part of the vege planter area.

So lets see how it goes... I would also love to hear about what you are all planting so if you want to share write me a brief paragraph about what you have planted and why with some photos so that I can post these to these pages. Also if anyone has any vege questions, please forward them to me and I will get the answers. Take care everyone and happy vege gardening.

Bridget Bryant.


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