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No sooner had I planted all of my gorgeous new seedlings, did the rain begin to fall. Each day I have peered tentatively out the window at my plot and I have to say that the rain has not damaged my veggies as much as I expected. I do notice that my beetroot are not doing so well, but I read that beetroot seedlings are painfully sensitive, so I was expecting to lose a few. All in all, there is not that much for me to do, just a few maintenance issues as follows;

  1. I have been emptying my expresso coffee grounds into various parts of the garden.  This is a cheap way to add nitrogen to the soil, keep slugs at bay, encourage worm activity and it makes me feel just a bit green.  Acid loving plants thrive on this the most, but I think all plants will benefit somewhat.  (Tip, just make sure that you scatter the grounds before rainfall, or water them in if no rain is forecast) 
  2. I gave my gardens a boost with the Living Earth liquid compost.  Normally I would top up my gardens with a traditional compost or black gold (compost mix) but I really wanted to try this new product.  I have to say that it does smell interesting…. and I do recommend gloves for this one, but I am sure that the smell just reflects that it really is the genuine article.  I do need to add that since first writing this a couple of weeks ago I have noticed it has given my seedlings a sudden growth spurt, so I urge you to give it a go.  Check out the homepage for the special offer we are running on Liquid Compost for this month.
  3. Heather Tait suggested that I cover my citrus to save from frost.  But I have not done this as I just keep forgetting, despite Mike (my husband) reminding me that this was actually expert advice which I really should follow.  You may choose to be a bit more diligent than me. 
  4. I also spoke to Heather on the 14th of June about planting for the shortest day, which I think is around the 20 something of June.  I was set to plant out all of my strawberries, garlic and shallots, but Heather said that because the weather has been so mild that I could wait until the first week of July.  I have decided to do this as it will give the children and I something to do in the school holidays. 
  5. Now I know that at least one person read my blog last month because I got an email!  This person asked me what I do with my excess produce.  

    Well in the past I have actually ended up throwing a bit of it away, or giving it away to friends and family. However more recently I have been searching out recipes for certain veggies and specifically ones where I can prepare the veggie and freeze it as a base in a receipe, such as soups, lasagnes, ratatouliees, dessert dishes, etc.  I would also love to hear how other people preserve their fruits and veggies easily or other receipes that freeze or keep well.  

    For every idea, tip or recipe that I publish I will send the contributer $20.00 ALS money. Email me bridget@aucklandlandscape.co.nz


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