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We had some great fun in the holidays planting our strawberries. The children ended up covered in mud, as did the deck. Mia and Kees really understood the whole process this time, they were very careful with the seedlings and asked a lot of questions about when the strawberries would be ready. Riaan on the other hand, pulled her seedlings out a couple of times and replanted them... hopefully they are fairly hardy.


As for the rest of the garden.  It has mostly been a waiting game, and a watching game.  Things are growing slowly as they normally do around the middle of winter but everything is looking nice and healthy.  I did a wee bit of weeding, but there is not that much of that to do which is pleasing.

I am now thinking about how I am going to start my spring and summer varieties as Labour day is not too far away and spring appears to be coming early.  I think that I will probably introduce some wine barrels to use for things like lettuces and herbs.  I will need to do some juggling in order to place my tomatoes as I want them up the top where the broccoli are busily growing.

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Thanks to Rosalind, mother to Nicholas and a bump on the way, who is a dear friend of mine and kindly allowed me to write about her. Rosalind grows so many tomatoes that she bottles them up for pastas, and bases for a wide range of dishes. Rosalind tells me that she has not brought a canned tomato product in years. Rosalind says that she and her husband also get a box of Golden Queen Peaches (seconds grade) when they go to visit family in Gisborne, she also bottles these to use on cerials and desserts for the rest of the year!! To add to that when I was there the other day she had just made jars of pumpkin soup which she freezes. I am in awe and I am going to give this a go this year, I have never undertaken in traditional bottling, but am very inspired. (Plus if I play my cards right Rozzi might teach me)

Rosalind there is a $20 ALS voucher on its way to you.


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