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I seem to be having a lot more success with my variety than in past years. Broccoli has always grown well for me, but this year they seem bigger. I have also managed to grow great cabbages which is a first as normally they don’t seem to head. I am not sure whether this is down to slightly different winter conditions or the liquid compost that I used 6 weeks ago. I have decided to apply more liquid compost because I think it is probably that I have never bothered to feed my veggies in the past and they happen to like it.

This month I was focused on extended my vegetable patch, problem is that I have kind of run out of room and Mike refuses to build anymore gardens. This has not stopped me, instead I decided to get a couple of wine barrels which look stylish and are great vegetable containers, in addition I found an old wood basket in the shed and decided to use this as well. Containers are great ways to contain veggies that spread and can take over other vegetables. I have decided to grow my baby spinach in the wood basket, snow peas in one of the wine barrels and lettuces in the other.

Veggies_grown_in_wine_barrels Spinach_grown_in_an_old_wood_basket

But we have been busy and my work did not stop there. August was a great time to plant trees, so I went off to Plantet Earth in Taupaki to buy some fruit trees. Jules is a landscape designer and the owner of a large nursery specializing in lots of things (but I think her fruit trees are particularly special) I convinced Mike to help me plant out an unused bank at the back of our section.

We have ended up with 3 feijoas, 1 orange, 1 nectarine, 1 golden queen peach, 1 hybrid apricot, 1 hybrid plum. These trees will form the boundary of our section as well as hopefully screen a bank which is a bit unsightly and of course provide a place for the children to play, climb and pick fruit! I am also trying to grow fruit trees in the espalier style. This is new to me, it is a term I have not personally heard of before and that I find fascinating.

On the fence we are going to grow a pear tree and 2 apple trees which will be trained to grow along the retaining wall on wires. This is a very European way of growing fruits and citrus. I am curious as to whether it will work at my house, especially give the spot is not the sunniest… we can only hope!

Feijoas Espalier_Apples_and_Pears Mandarin__Lemons_and_Limes
Nectarine_Tree Home_Orchard_Site Golden_Queen_Peach

Well remember to keep feeding those veges; I am off to give mine some more Living Earth liquid compost now. I have not sprayed or worried about slug slam yet (not that I am too against it) but I have been told that you can lay out shallow bowls with beer in them and the slugs will be naturally attracted to these instead of the vegetables. I am going to try this before I revert to slug slam... I will let you know how it goes.

Another little tip we have just learnt is that surrounding your red veges/fruit with a red mulch will triple the yield that you will get. Give it ago. Grab a bag of our red coloured mulch and put it around the base of half your tomato or strawberry plants and see the difference at harvest time.


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