I was able to harvest all of my Broad Beans over the last two weeks. I have to admit to being at a bit of a loss as to what to do with Broad Beans, I blanched them and added them to salads mainly but I harvested so many that some did perish before we were able to eat them. Many other vegetables are still going strong, we are getting lots of snow peas, carrots, lettuce, cabbages (both red and green) I can see that my strawberries, corgettes, pumpkins, cucumbers, and tomatoes are getting ready to really come on some time in December. I am still going to plant some more capsicums, summer beans and maybe peas.

My poor old garden is taking a little bit of a back seat at the moment to my general garden. For those of your who have read my blurb in our Gardening Tips letter you will know that we are trying very hard to get the rest of our landscaping completed before Christmas, because I am hosting my first official Christmas lunch.

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How to care for your vegetables AND go on holiday

  1. Ask a neighbour or a family member to water your plants. This could be someone who is already feeding your cat or checking security while you are away. This is a wonderful job for a young person. I asked my neighbour's 6 year old daughter to feed our cat, collect our mail and water our plants once a day. While she did her chores, her mother hung out a bit of washing (makes it look like someone is home) I paid my wee friend $2.00 a day. I felt a bit cheap, but her mother ensured me that this was more than enough. Hannah had a tough time decided whether to go to the $2 shop or save it up for something a bit more substantial.
  2. Set up an irrigation system on a timer. These systems come as a DIY kit and they are as simple to put together as lego. These kitsets can be purchased at Auckland Landscape Supplies as well as other building or gardening supply centers.
  3. Set up temporary shade over your vulnerable plants. This will help them to retain moisture because there will be less evaporation. It will also protect your plants from wilting, while they are a little moisture deficient.
  4. If you have pots that can be moved, move these to a shady place which is away from eaves. This will ensure that they can get access to any rainfall that does occur and that what moisture is available is retained as long as possible.
  5. The wick method. I believe this is most suitable for pots but would be interested in hearing about anyone who has tried it in a garden setting. Take a piece of rope (make sure it is cottony so that it can soak up water) Make a hole in the soil, in a pot this would be to the bottom of the pot. Insert the wick to the bottom of the hole. Place the other end of the wick into a bucket of water, next to the plant. The wick will continue to absorb water into the soil, thus keeping the plant moist.

Easy, Inexpensive and Gorgeous! Give a homemade edible basket for Christmas!

Look these really are GORGEOUS, I have been experimenting with these as gifts this year and have had a wonderful response every time I gave given one to someone.  So here is the down low.

  1. Go to your local dollar shop, (I go to a great big one in Onehunga Mall Road) These normally have an array of baskets for a song.
  2. Line your basket with weed-mat, to just below where you think the soil will end. We sell this by the lineal meter, or in rolls.  It is very inexpensive and will stop soil from draining through the cracks when the basket is watered.
  3. Fill 1/3 of your basket with Scoria (for drainage) One bag of Scoria will be enough for between 3-6 baskets depending on the size of your basket.  We sell Scoria 25/7 for $7.20
  4. Fill the rest of the basket with Garden Mix. We sell bags of Garden Mix for $10.20, obviously you will need twice the amount of Garden Mix to Scoria.  So if you buy one bag of Scoria, you should buy 2 bags of Garden Mix.  I think this would be enough for 5 baskets (give or take)
  5. Choose either a few herbs, or a mix of lettuces, herbs or veggie seedlings that will suit the person you are gifting to. Get the value packs from your local plant wholesaler, this is a economical way to buy the seedlings and you will get enough to make up several baskets.
  6. Decorate the handle.


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