This year I have all my relatives coming over to our house for Christmas, so much of my attention has been on finishing the other parts of the garden. Although I have been keeping an eye on my veggies because my Grandparents were farmers and Nana always had a prolific vegetable garden and my aunty lives on a lifestyle block in Kati Kati and also always seems to be bring gorgeous, advocados, tamarillos, kiwifruit and the like.

Originally I was concerned that I had not planted enough, in winter I had spaced everything a little too widely and as a result ended up with not enough to fully sustain us throughout the winter. However I am learning with Summer vegetables, that they often require more room. I planted two corgette plants and two cucumber plants in one box. I was planning on planting climber beans here as well, but in just a short space of time the corgette and cucumber have taken over this garden entirely.

Cucumber Dwarf_Peach New_Climbing_Beans

My tomatoes are large and busy, some have outgrown their stakes, there are lots of fruit, but not quite ripe yet.

Lettuces are going well, but I am noticing that some have bolted (gone to seed) so even though I am getting a lot from each lettuce, by picking the outer leaves and leaving the center, there is still a need to replace some plants.

We are harvesting strawberries, corgettes, lettuce, spinach, carrots on regularly. I can also see that the cucumbers, capsicums and tomatoes are coming along and should be ready soon.

My youngest daughter really wanted a watermelon, so we have planted that and it looks like it will take up a lot of room in the coming months.

Anyway, apart from that this month I will be giving my veggies another good feed. This month I am going to try a seaweed feed. I have brought mine already made, but I am told it is easy to mix up. Seaweed (well rinsed in fresh water) leave this soaking in fresh water for 2 weeks, remove the seaweed and feed the garden with the left over "juice".

Also don't forget to water your garden, morning and night if you can manage it. This is a great job for the kids, usually done in togs is a good idea in my experience.

Don't forget to check out Heather Taits gardening tips and jobs for January which you can find in the list of articles on the left column of the home page.

I hope everyone has a happy new year and a wonderful 2011!


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