Growth has begun to slow down already, even though we have not officially had a frost in Auckland. My peas, sugar snaps, broccoli and beetroot are growing well though, and my radishes are ready for harvest.

This month Mike (my gorgeous husband) was going to extend the vegetable garden for me, however he has been very busy at work, driving the St Johns delivery truck actually. And the very small amount of time he did get was spent making our property secure for our newest edition, whoa! Hold your horses; I’m talking about a dog not another baby. (Surely three children are enough and yes, they are VERY excited).

Down to Business

You should find that bugs and pests are less of a problem now, luckily this will be the case for most of winter, but do remember to keep a check on those slugs!

Jobs this month

Secure the Peas, Sugar Snaps and Tamarillo’s onto their growing frames. This helps to train them to where I want them to grow as well as keep them stable from the weather.

I know it seems early, but you can start to plan your strawberry bed for summer by thinning offshoots and planting the new runners.

I am going to plant out my next round of broccoli seeds in the greenhouse, so that they are ready for transplanting in the garden bed in 3-4 weeks time. This will ensure we have broccoli coming on throughout the winter (a vegetable we eat a lot of).

I have planted my first round of Cauliflower and Red Cabbage seeds in the Greenhouse.

I have also sowed my spring onions directly into the garden bed. I had previously started them in the greenhouse, but when I transplanted them they all perished. (I am trying very hard not to buy seedlings, although I desperately want to)

You could also plant your Broad Beans, Carrots and Onions now. I haven’t because last year after a bumper crop of Broad Beans we actually decided that our family doesn’t really have a taste for them and Carrots and Onions tend to be fairly inexpensive, so I chose to use the space for other stuff.

Beetroot Radish


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