Our_ChooksIt has been a while since I shared my garden with you so a quick update.  You will remember our gorgeous chickens, Zebby, Chook, Red, Pinkie and Rocky.  Unfortunately our little mates became dinner for a couple of local dogs (not the nice variety either)  

So following this we have taken some time to fortify our chicken coop by enclosing it entirely.  In the process Mike (my hubby) and (Kees) our son, decided to build a fort (the no adults allowed kind of fort) and believe me it is very tricky to fit through that trap door, so they really did achieve the goal.  The results of their few weeks of busy hammering are pretty cool.  Now breakfasts, lunches and dinners are all taken in the tree fort.  Visitors of the smaller variety all gather in the popular kids only area, which in turn allows the adults to sit on the deck in relative silence, usually enjoying a nice drop, while watching the young adventures busily playing, I mean working (sorry Kees) down below.

Tree_House_and_Chicken_Coop_2 Tree_House_and_Chicken_Coop Tree_House_view_from_top_deck

On top of this our little orchard of lemons, mandarins, oranges, nectarines, golden queen peaches, apricots, plums, pears, apples, grapes and feijoas is growing rapidly and at the two year mark we are starting to get good harvests of lemons, peaches, nectarines, pears, apples and feijoas. We have had some issues with our grapes and to date the apricots, plums, oranges and mandarins have not fruited. But I really think this is going to be the year.

I my general vegetable garden I have focused on the winter vegetables that we eat often or can be easily preserved. I have gone for lots of beetroot, carrots, broccoli, spring onion, cauliflower, cos lettuce. I am about to sow the next round this weekend so hopefully in a couple of months I will be starting to harvest my first crops.

Corgette_ringed_with_eggshells P1010124 P1010115

Remember to feed your plants. I like to use the poo from our chooks, which is full of all sorts of nutrients. To keep the bugs away I am scattering broken egg shells around seedlings and I do admit to a few slug pellets when seedlings are small and at their most vulnerable.

We are lucky in Auckland that frosts are not really an issue here, but you can always cover vegetables or fragile plants with shade cloth at night or seedlings can be covered with 2 L plastic fizzy drink bottles to stop them from deteriorating during a frost.

Well good luck with your own garden and I look forward to having some more exciting things to share next month.

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